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Mike Briley Chantal Moret Daisuke Mochizuki consulting preclinical clinical marketing communications CNS drugs 20 years experience phaaceutical industry freelance consultants publication CNS drugs, scientific writing and translation, slide and poster preparation, bibliographic research and analysis, independent evaluation t
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Chantal Moret PhD
Medical writing
All types of medical and scientific communication
Mike Briley PhD
Assistance with publication of manuscripts for non-native English speakers
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Scientific and medical writing, lecturing, consulting for preclinical and clinical research of central nervous system drugs, scientific translation (English<>French), scientific website creation and maintenance, organisation of scientific communications programmes, scientific meetings and advisory boards, related to central nervous system drugs

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Daisuke Mochizuki PhD
NeuroBiz - Japan

Chantal Moret or Mike Briley
27 Impasse des Grèses,
81100 Castres, France
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